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Is Interstellar Just Another Product of the Hype Machine?

I've been noticing a lot of buzz about Interstellar, but because I didn't love the Dark Knight Trilogy, my heart doesn't go all a-flutter whenever I hear Christopher Nolan's name mentioned. I hadn't even bothered to watch a trailer until a friend mentioned tentative plans to go see it when it came out, so I decided I'd rather not make that decision blindly. Fortunately, there had just been a trailer posted here by Rob Bricken, with the grandiose title of "Final Interstellar Trailer Could Ruin You For All Other Scifi Movies," and the added commentary, "Suffice it to say, it's only 2014, but the bar for the greatest scifi epic of the 21st century has just been set, and it's been set high."


With that kind of buildup, I was expecting a mind-meltingly amazing trailer, but I found nothing that made me even mildly excited to see the movie, and definitely nowhere near all the crazy hype the movie's getting. Basically, to me the trailer was just Matthew McConaughey (who I don't dislike, but also don't find particularly compelling), a dystopian-future Earth, and a barren planet. That's what all the hype is about? What am I missing?

Now it kinda reminds me of the way I felt when I saw American Hustle (I wouldn't have even bothered seeing it myself, but I was going with a girl, and that's what she wanted to see). I guess the director's previous movie was very popular, as is Jennifer Lawrence, so what happened with American Hustle (according to my perception) was that people just made the decision that it was going to be absolutely brilliant (long before the movie came out), and then they just stuck by that decision notwithstanding whether the actual product delivered on it. To me, it was completely average or mediocre in every way.


And now it seems like Interstellar is the new movie that people have just made their minds up ahead of time will be absolutely amazeballs regardless of how it actually turns out. I'm open to opposing viewpoints, though. Are you excited for the movie, and if so, what are the reasons for your excitement?

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